Who are we?

Here at Earth Kind Design we are borderline obsessive about beautiful interiors, and unashamedly obsessive about protecting our incredible planet and the adorable animals on it (and the less adorable ones).

Having worked on bringing sustainable solutions to retailers for the last few years, I started renovating an Airbnb apartment thinking making it ethical and sustainable would be a breeze. I was wrong!

There are so many elements to sustainability that it's not just as simple as switching plastic for paper if we truly want to make better decisions for our planet.

After huge amounts of research, sourcing (and researching again) I resolved to make it easy for others to make good choices for our animals and planet, and so Earth Kind Design was born!

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Got a project you have in mind? No matter how big or small, we are happy to partner with you to create beautiful spaces all the while making better decisions for our planet.

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